Entry 2 of 25 Passages from: “Imitating snowflakes 107.5”

Next thing I knew I was in a pod for federal prisoners and I was dressed in a paper gown. Still scratching my head trying to figure out how an art show could land me in jail.

What was it that I had done? Oh yea I put on an art show with a bunch of letters to my son about how much I loved him. I mean come on WTF seriously you gotta be kidding me.

I was on lockdown suicide watch. I couldn’t make a phone call I couldn’t tell anyone where I even was. I couldn’t call a bondsmen a lawyer or anyone. It was as if I had disappeared.

Apparently the front porch art show escaped the imagination of most of the locals including Judge Newt of Oldson Falls. It appeared he didn’t like my exercise in free speech. I guess the art exhibit created some panic or phobic fear in many of the towns people. Orders of protection would be issued by the time I finally was released from jail nine days later.

Ironically because of the arrest and the nine days in jail, the art show stayed up with flood lights lite 24-7. Or in this case ten days both day and night. So basically a little show that would have only been up a couple of days was left for ten days before I could be freed to take it down. So by interfering the locals and the judge got exactly what they were trying to avoid, and the show went on. LOL

As I have heard it said one thing about life is it just happens while you are busy doing other things. Well in my case like many professionals or anyone emerged in their work their careers take them away from family and friends. This is pretty much what had happened to my son and I. But how can that justify jail. How can that justify orders of protection barring you from even contacting your own son. This is and should be illegal. Especially without provocation or justifiable evidence or reasonable logic to apply such an extreme action. But it happened.

To many miles on the road behind me, can’t really look ahead past the next bend, but your road paved and new.

I guess I always knew just didn’t want to see another new screw or two in my tire so new.

Tried to drive on through like I really knew, but one wrong turn and I am lost without a map, not a single clue.

Map quest me some directions to find a clue. Seems like I never really knew but then again it’s the same old road just brand new.

Been down this stretch of highway a time or two, many bumps along the way, potholes bigger than you.

Like driving through a storm with a broken windshield wiper, can’t really see you.

Final destination hotel has been. To old to carry your luggage, my baggage weighs me down.

Just another detour in life, no map no directions, just navigating by the stars, Interstate dragnet blues.


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