Entry 3 of 25 passages from: “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”

Ever have the feeling you are being watched or followed? Now I want to get this completely out in the open. I am not crazy, yea right. No really seriously, I am not a paranoid delusional schizophrenic or anything similar to that. I am just an artist who got put in jail over an art show. Now to be fair to all law enforcement its true the judge wanted me in a psych. ward but the arresting officers seem to feel I was fine. So I went to county. Actually they made a pretty good call on my demeanor.

But anyway sometimes you just know someone is following you and or observing everything you do.  Sounds crazy right, absolutely. Well I wasn’t sure but it appeared I was very hot. Now I will admit I was a little nervous and a bit jumpy after getting released from jail but still this was pretty blatant observation. Who was watching me and why? I had no idea.

So How do you know for sure if you are under surveillance? Keep moving and draw them out. The more you move the more they have to move too. Better yet cross the state line and see if anyone follows, then you know how hot you are. You might even be able to conclude its a federal thing when you cross the state line. Well that’s what I did.

That night I swear to god the TV was being messed with. It appeared that the show I was watching was having distortions and messages of some sort. As if someone was trying to implant ideas into my head. Funny cause the show was something I had seen before and it was never this weird the first time I watched it.

Beware the dog could turn up anywhere. He comes sniffing like a wolf late for dinner. They come at you like rabid dogs with a bad case of nervous red white and blues.

They are like an old hound dog that tracks your scent digging at the ground with its claws.They drool and slobber, as the scent gets a little stronger. Like the hounds of Baskerville they track you with magnifying glasses and secret decoder rings. But what dog uses magnification and secret decoder rings?

Beware of those specially trained dogs for they are highly skilled tactical hounds that bark in the wind and howl at the moon. As they case pussycats around and around again.

So the chase begins and it only gets stranger and stranger as it manifest into danger.







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