Entry 4 0f 25 passages from: ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″

Broken down kicked around. Stripped of silver and gold.

humbled and

stumbled around a little too.

Made a mistake or two, need a break, but still thinking about you.

Basically the entire case against me as strange it may seem, appears to be resting on the art show. This compiled with my repeated attempts to arrange visitation with my son, hence the motivation for art show. Now I have broken no laws and as far as visitation is concerned by the state I have complete and open visitation rights. So this case is simply ARTIST ON TRIAL.

Like a mirror shattered in your face, everything falling to pieces without any just place.

Broken glass cuts deep in your face. Mirror image truly lost no face.

Reflections of a tainted space, lost looking for you someplace.

Cuts beneath the skin so deep, falling in and out of sleep.

Broken mirror cuts really deep.

Who’s on trial, what crime did I meet?

No smoking gun, just smoking Marlboro’s one by one.

Testimony given no events took place, fabrication to lock me in some place.

Jail house shrink says good to go, all systems fine just letting you know.

State pushes on no evidence of crime. Prosecuting in a nick of time.

No link no case we will prosecute this case.

Heat turned up on the smoking man, let him walk we will get him man.

Distorted vision on my television. Nightmarish day time dirtied up drama.

Charges dropped by the plaintiff momma, testifies to nothing but a made up soap opera.

Investigation stepped up alert for Pappa.

Kill me now feel dead like my pappa.

Not riding in a subversive submarine.

Not the antichrist. not an anarchist. not even an agitator.

Only agitated.

Not Anti-patriotic, non-subversive patriotic prowess.

No undercover plot to destroy from a subversive submarine.

No radical scheme to attack, watch your back, agitated.

I  the patriot of the red white and blue must fight back, SCREW YOU!

Just sitting back, tainted smoke on the wall, everyone ready to take the fall..


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