Entry 5 of 25 passages from: “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”

As if in another reality, a fantasy of delectable fulfillment and joy, but it was real. Unfortunately, it was temporary like a snowflake. The time was different, and yet the place the same. An extremely incomparable scenario playing out in the same living room, versus what it had recently became. This memory held close to my heart that no one can ever take away.

My son was around ten, he had come to grandma and grandpa’s house for the holidays. Of course as it was, it was not the week of thanksgiving it was the following weekend. We all know how divorce goes and how difficult it is to split a kid in two sharing them over the holidays. I never got to see my son on any actual holiday.

It was the start of the holiday season and grandma loved to decorate her home. She had always made her house into a winter wonderland of tasteful holiday splendor. My dad who loved the whimsical and child like nature of the holiday incorporated his trains, old wind up toys and funny illuminated characters that kids always love.

It was a bit eclectic but it had its charm even though mom sometimes felt dads commercial like taste distracted from her refined decor. Well as in many family’s it was that time of year again, time to decorate for the holidays. Time to get out decorations that have you reflecting to time since past. A time for many, filled with memories of cheerful years from their past.

I had been thinking a lot about snow that year. I don’t know why guess cause it was closing in on winter and the holidays were coming fast. Well the subject changed to snow. My son and I began telling stories about sled riding and snowmen and the next thing I knew he was off asking grandma for paper and scissors.

So yes you maybe able to guess where this is going but tune in tomorrow for the bigger picture.


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