Entry 6 of 25 Passages from: ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″

Well Every year around this time I would decorate the local art gallery windows for the holidays. My son and I were talking about what he thought should be in the window. The next thing I see is my son making paper snowflakes.

Grandma laughed and said I will show you how to make snowflakes. She takes the scissors and a piece of white paper and begins to fold and cut with serious professional skill. Delicately she manipulates the paper around and around cutting and tailoring for quite a long time. Her handiwork took much longer than mine. As she unfolded the paper it blossomed into an amazing snowflake with intricate detail. Wow look at that its awesome grandma!

My son was right it was the best hand cut snowflake I had ever seen. Simply by employing the method used throughout the country in grade schools everywhere, a couple of folds and some cutting, there you have it. The most remarkable snowflake ever.

So now it’s on, with scissor’s in hand we begin to try to emulate grandma’s snowflake. All three of us working refining our skills with each new snowflake. We labored joyfully at this seasonal activity comparing our work. My son had many question as to how she made such light airy lace like snowflakes.

After sometime we had accumulated a large collection of imitation snowflakes. It was absolutely delightful fun. Now the question came up as to what to do with them all. My son immediately started putting them in grandma’s windows. We hung a few from each of us displaying three different levels of skill.

Ironically these are the same windows where six years later I would hang a series of letters to my son as part of my front porch art exhibit that would land me in jail. But for now that’s in the distance.

I had never seen my mom make a paper snowflake before, or at least I didn’t remember seeing it. So grandma told the story of how her father and she would make paper snowflakes every holiday season. He was a master wood-carver and a pattern maker and he taught her the skill of snowflakes.The snowflakes were great.They were most graceful and magical, enchanting pieces of paper.  A simply wonderful ornamentational decorating technique that was innocent an effective. Of course with that playful bouncy childlike energy that truly does encompass the season.

So as I said the big question is where do all these snowflakes go?

Well keep reading and tune in tomorrow for the enigmatic journey of the snowflake.






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