Entry 7 of 25 Passages from: “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”


Well as all good things come to an end the weekend was winding down and my son would soon be leaving. We always had irregular but wonderful visits over the years but never enough. These visits would be far and few between. However I would treasure them in my heart everyday.

It was not easy to arrange a visit. Excuses were always given, like it is not a good idea. No he is to busy. No he can’t come. I always dreaded the end of our abbreviated visits. My parents I know felt the same. It was tremendously hard to see the fun come to an end especially when you knew that we never were sure when or if we would see him again.

But before he would go on this particular visit I told him I would fill the art gallery window with the paper snowflakes that we had made. The show would be titled Imitating snowflakes.

I explained to him that as he rode to school or anytime as he passed the art gallery window downtown he could look to the window and see the snowflakes we had made.

During the holiday season I filled every square inch of the windows with the paper snowflakes created by grandma, myself and my son. I left only a few small arch like shapes to expose the items on display in the window.  I did exactly what I told him I would do. I pretty much covered the entire window with Imitation snowflakes of all shapes and sizes made by three different generations. It was very eye-catching.

It really was enchanting, very whimsical and amusing as you passed the gallery window.You could not help but find yourself smiling. Actually it was very hard to resist not looking. So yes it was very visually stimulating and it would spark ones imagination.

Well it seemed to work as planned. People would pop their heads into the gallery asking who made all the snowflakes? Others just walked past with a smile as if it brought some sorta of childhood cheer into their thoughts. It did mine.

Many people commented on my mom’s delicately tailored snowflakes with that lace like essence, charming. But I suppose most of all was that it was a family working as one with love. I guess that was the true energy and excitement that you could feel as you gazed into the wonderland of paper snowflakes. A truly wonderful christmas memory.

As the holiday season was coming to an end, I always wondered how many times my son may have looked at the window remembering that awesome day. I couldn’t bring myself to take down all the snowflakes at once. So as I rearranged and redirected the window for the new year ahead I slowly over several months took away only a few snowflakes at a time.

It was my connection, a secret way to communicate to my son throughout the winter ahead. It wasnt that I would never try to see him again it was more that I never knew when or if ever again. So by winters end there were only three snowflakes left in the corner of the window, then two, then one, then gone..


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