Entry 9 of 25 Passages from: “Imitating Snowflakes”


When you come to an artist’s studio expect to see a show. Well as the investigation heated up, I had a lot of unnecessary attention from some very unwelcome guest. I gave them a show, for sure.

You see during my years in New York City I did some spoken word readings and some performance art in a Prince Street art gallery. I hadn’t planned on this being the performance of a lifetime but that’s what it became. As I said if you come to an artist’s house or studio expect to see a show.

I did a lot of unusual things in the performance arena to see if I truly was being supposedly secretly investigated. Well it worked and I was. I never really realized how tremendously bad I could use a keeper, a person to keep me grounded. Someone who might point out the logic or lack there of, in some of my choices and or the motives behind them. This was one of those cases.. Oh my god it definitely was one of those cases. Lets just say if anyone would have been living with me at the time they would have been repeatedly saying dude knock that shit off. alright that’s it I am leaving.You have gone nuts. But no one was there but me, so the shows went on nightly.

I have to admit I could seriously draw in law enforcement from the so-called privacy of my own home. I never broke any laws, but boy could I get attention from behind closed doors.

Consider how funny this must have been if you were one of the agents assigned to the case. There is this guy named M.R. Tist standing on a chair under the kitchen light reading poetry to what appears to be no one. Reading aloud, with enthusiasm I might add., one poem after another.

There were also long conversations with no one about art, politics, sex, music, love, life and death. All to their amusement. I felt it would show I was sane, that’s funny.So you see I do need a spiritual leader or life coach. What the fuck! What I really need is to not be under investigation.

In retrospect I suppose my plan did lack logic because I am pretty sure the agents involved in the case were busy writing up psychological profiles on my unusual behavior. However I was always very clear and upfront about the fact that this was not normal behavior for me. It was for their entertainment. Their entertainment alone. Any way I found out what I needed to know they were watching and listening. BUT WHY?


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