Entry 12 of 25 Passages from: ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5 “

Take the Nazareth Pike to Bethlehem and you will find goodwill. Goodwill to all for we all need a little love sometime.
As is true of many artists or anyone at times we find ourselves on a spiritual journey. This is true in my case too. Although it may appear I am at odds with all, this is not the case. If you read all the entries you will see a pattern of misunderstanding. It is interesting that many historical figures throughout history have been misunderstood.

This misunderstanding generally seems to lead to fear. That fear seems to lead to a phobic suspicion. A distorted view of the misunderstood person. That is sad to think. What most people don’t understand they choose to avoid, or label as an outsider, an alien or simply want them removed because of fear or hate caused from misunderstanding. This is my case at the time of these occurrences.

As I said many of us our on a spiritual journey and I had recently experienced a spiritual journey prior to the occurrences refered to in the book Imitating Snowflakes. It had changed my life and my art maybe only temporarily. Maybe it was just a phase but it did alter my personal and professional life forever.

I can’t say that I still follow the same path that I was on at that time but I also try to not forget the lessons learned.
So take the Nazareth Pike to Bethlehem and you may find goodwill, I did.

But as you see by the earlier blogs 1 through 11 I was misunderstood and cast out by my peers the minister, and the ruling class.

So one day during the time of the on going investigation and trial I went to visit the good Reverend Mary Jane. I had written her a carefully worded poem about a judas. I was peaceful and non-confrontational with her but before I could even get down the driveway of the church, the law was headed straight up the driveway to see what I was doing. I had only had a very brief visit with Mary Jane but it didn’t take long for the law to arrive.

Like a snowflake splattered upon a windshield on a stretch of highway covered in freshly fallen snow. Now being plowed, scrapped up and shoved against the hard frozen black top. Smashed into a heap of salt tainted snow crushed and compacted on the brim of disaster.

All I can say is peace on earth goodwill to all………………..


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