Entry 16 of 25 Passages from: ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″

folder14Spoon Me You Devil

My ears are ringing. Not simply a slight mild ring, but rather a strong intense ringing. A ringing that refused to stop, with a deep vibration that makes you feel as though all your power is being shut down. You feel as if you are melting from the inside out. At times I swear my ears were burning the wax right out of them, seriously. A dull ongoing ring that drains and aggravates you at the same time. Not a periodic ring on occasion but rather a constant ringing that never let up.

Why was this happening? Good question because this was not normal for me. The fact is, it was nothing I did independently. It was not a physical issue either with M.R. Tist. It was something foreign.

Through a deafening madness, the game destroyed me.

My sanctuary, my solitude, my escape removed itself. It was leaving a hollow shell of an empty man.

The artist being destroyed by something that had infiltrated his system.

M.R. Tist fought on to resist this overpowering sense of impending doom.

It seemed fairly obvious as his health deteriorated that death was not far off.

Without eventually coming to some resolution to this ringing manifested from a foreign substance, it seemed only a matter of time.

Ashes lay upon my lap falling from the burning cigarette hanging from my mouth.

It seems like weeks or months I can’t say for sure. I can no longer distinguish time, the ringing never stops, the pounded a deep hard throb. THE RINGING, THE RINGING. A DEAFENING MADNESS FROM THE RINGING.

I feel as though my mind is being cooked by something. My ears are melting away as I lose control and my energy being robbed of me as the game drug on.

The cigarette burns me !



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