entry 18 of 25 Passages from : ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5 “


Like a snowflake falling from the sky, everything is temporary. In a flurry of thousands of individual snowflakes you disappear into a mass of one big accumulation of similar but uniquely different elements.

If life were easy or never meant to change we would all be the same in a never-ending parade of uniformity. If this were true we would all be attempting to imitate snowflakes. We would never be different only imitations of what we can’t be or never were, each the same.That’s life, Imitating Snowflakes.

In other words we appear to imitate each other and follow a mold and acceptable look, behavior and life style. When in reality we are all ready like the snowflake individual with similar make ups but no two alike as it is intended in nature.

Imitating each other following a mold an accepted look or conforming always to social norms has its pitfalls. It also generates prejudice and discrimination.

They say art imitates life and it does.

Art like a snowflake is unique unto itself, individual like every snowflake.

You may imitate, but you can never re-create.

Every moment of time is unique and precious unto itself. Like the temporary snowflake, special.

Enjoy the moment.

Embrace your unique individual spirit and soul.

We are like snowflakes all from nature and all unique and special unto themselves.

So enjoy your individuality, don’t try to be a mass produced snowflake not of nature, be yourself.

Respect all the snowflakes for their uniqueness

Everything is temporary like a snowflake on the forth of july ***************************

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