Entry 19 of 25 ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″

Today my heart weeps. I am once again horrified by the troublesome events that seem to have swept the country in an epidemic fashion of sheer madness. I am breaking from the book for a moment to comment on the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I don’t care to address the shooter. Fame and infamy will not be obtained by anyone who commits such hideous crimes. My heart weeps for the children and their families.

These acts of violence do reflect the book Imitating Snowflakes in the fact that the book touches on family and the love people have for their children. I cannot image the sorrow and heart-break, the anguish and anger that the survivors are experiencing.

To simply say that these are senseless acts of violence carried out by disturbed individuals is not enough. There is obviously a problem here that is monumental in its manifestations. True these people who have jumped on this suicidal death pack wishing to punish others are deeply disturbed individuals. But what have they accomplished by inflicting their pain on others? They have only created more pain and more hate. They, the shooters have only made their personal anguish greater.

If you are thinking this maybe a cool way to go out in a blaze of glory, basically you are in need of personal attention seek help immediately call a help hotline now! If you don’t want to seek the help you need then please just blow your brains out peacefully in private. You will at least not be hated.


Seduced sedated tranquil in time.

Unable to see the red for the orange has bled upon the yellow.

The yellow now green, turns blue and melts with the white into a syrup syringe of momentary euphoria.

All colors nonexistent in an existent world occupied by rainbows, fade to a brownish hue of ash grey.

Resurrected from the boulevard of saints and sinners, the vision vanishes into opaque shadows of the transparent world.

My heart weeps for the children and their family and friends.


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