Entry 20 of 25 passages from ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″

folder2 The angel of the Blues

If blue could speak on sober sadness, reflected on the cool blue pond of life, it would reflect sorrow for the recent passing of those from Newtown Connecticut. It is as it has always been in the world sometimes cold and blue, unfortunately.

The sculpture THE ANGEL OF THE BLUES is a piece that now lives somewhere in the Chicago area. It was one of many pieces donated to several different social service agencies that help children and young adults.

It is not truly a sad piece but rather a reflective piece. It represents hope.

In my on going battle in the story ” Imitating Snowflakes” the blues was a life line for me. I love listening to blues music it is the soul and heartbeat of life to me.

Due to the ongoing investigating and the covert, diabolic actions taken against me by federaL law enforcement, I had become to ill to actually drive a car any longer. So I had to hire a driver to get me back and forth from New York City to Chicago and back to my studio. This young woman helped me do deliver sculptures to agencies devoted to helping children in distress.

In the world cold and blue, don’t ever want to forget about you.

I wish it weren’t the blue it is, but rather green of youth fresh new beginning for you.

But blue is blue and it will pass too. Everyone thinking about you.

For all the children in the world who need you, we are all thinking about you, so blue.

“THE ANGEL OF THE BLUES” is made for you.






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