entry 21 of 25 passages from: “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”


In the wood sculpture : Sacred Space, from the design elements its concerned with negative space. The space that is the distance between to points. The distance from one wall to another, the distance between that is void of anything. Everyone has a sacred Space your Home, your church, your bedroom, kitchen, garage or School. When it becomes violated yournever the same.

Negative space the distance between you and your loved ones. The distance between two points. As they become closer the energy increases. As the distance is expanded the energy decreases. Like in life as you get closer to your loved ones your energy and theirs increases. The same is true of art and design.

As the story continues to unfold you see the energy of loss increase the negative space and the energy grows. Over time the distance will expand and the energy decreases. This is human loss.

With this loss can manifest, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.

Post traumatic Stress will come unfortunately for many of the survivors of the Sandy Hook shootings. As did PTSD come for me do to the separation from my son.

In my case the PTSD was amplified by covert and devious actions taken by law enforcement in an illlegal and exceptionally overblown over reaction to statements made by others. This caused the negative space to increase and thus the tension increased too.

I was not only subjected to intense surveillance, but subjected to lack of information concerning my son. I was most horrifically subjected to covert tactics used by law enforcement to attempt to induce a psychotic episode. It did not work.

Concerning Post Traumatic Stress Disorder it can be a terrifying and prolonged ordeal. It is as if you are re-living the actual events and or it causes extreme panic as if it could or will happen again. The latter will be an issue for many of the people associated to the Sandy Hook events.

The worst part of all this is that the Sacred Space of public schools was violated. This can and probably will effect children and family members all over the world.

In my case it is a personal demon that I have to live with due to the injustices of the justice system. However my Sacred Space, as is the same for others has been violated.



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