Entry 22 of 25 Passages from : “Imitating Snowflakes 107’5”

folder28 THE GOOD SHEPERD   enameled wood sculpture

So whatever the feds were doing was pissing me off. Now we had a private war on baby right out of my living room. YOU FEEL ME.

Not only did I have the F.B.I. to contend with, but I also  Reverend Mary Jane on a back stabbing witch hunt. She according to my lawyer was my local menace. HEY THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. You are a great mediator.

The problem was I was getting more and more sick with each passing day as the investigation drug on. I couldn’t figure out how they were getting this foreign substance into  my body, but they were some how. Most definitely they were.

I didn’t know if it was in my food or drinks or what, but it was making me lose control of my emotions. I was terribly physically ill from the substance and it was chiseling away at my logic. It was making me lose control of my life.

I was feeling weaker and weaker all the time. This of course was not helped by the fact that I could not sleep. However now I couldn’t eat either. It was because of the drugs that were some how covertly being introduced repeatedly into my system.

I knew this was all in an attempt to get me to break down. commit some hideous crime that some F.B.I. profiler figured I would commit. Not to mention Rev. Mary Jane feeding the conspiracy theory  FUCKING BITCH dumb as the F.B.I. Task Force assigned to this case.

Basically I became more and more sick this shit was killing me. Well actually they were killing me. Hoping to get A CONVICTION.  THEN THIS WOULD ALL BE MUTE, BRUSHED UNDER THE TABLE.  A GREAT COVER UP.

Didn’t work. I intend to tell the whole story. The F.B.I. will deny of course. As will many  other’s who will say he is crazy, never happened. Well all I got to say is I wish it never happened.




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