Entry 23 of 25 Passages from: “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”

ssilent night   Silent Night

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

The flatfoots were buzzing all around the house

The stockings were hung with love and care.

As I sat around in my underwear.

The cookies all crunchy with milk i did sit.

At the mantle I placed them for old Saint Nick.

The video recorded my every movement.

I told Christmas stories to the wind and they listened intent.

But you know, even Old Saint Nick knew he better not come in.

I ranted and rambled till the wee hours crept.

Always waiting and knowing it was a mistaken dragnet.

When much to my surprise a twinkle came to my eye.

I am winning the war and they can’t say why.

But I must go to bed for all good boys do.

For you never really knew what the next screw would do.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Silent Night or not one at all.

For there is always a risk of a flatfoot looking to cause a great fall.

HoHOHOhohoHOO HoHo HoHHHHHHO oh goodnite.





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