” Credit Card Blues”

Feel that cold play rubbing against my ass.

Ain’t cause my wallet is to full of bills.

Got the credit card blues, feel the cold chill.

Got that burning sensation comin from my wallet, but its icy cold like a frozen block.

Like a hand warmer on a cold winters night, that ran out of fuel, got the credit cards blues.

Who’s gonna pay the oil bill? Ah yes Bank of America, got you in my back pocket.

Your heating my home and my ass, everytime I slide in and out with you.

Ahh yes it feels so good,so hot, got to rub you some more, got the credit card blues.

Your so thin and trim, you slide right in, nothing better than the magic power you have baby.

Your so hot, so devine,loving you more every time we do it.

Your like firey hot passion touching my ass.

But in this case its a rear end heater burning a hole in my back pocket.

Thank you Bank of America for my daily bread.

The heat you create every time I get near you drives me insane with twisted passion.

got the credit card blues just thinking about you.

What will I ever do without you.


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