Christmas Eve Memories


Memories of childhood past, how things have changed. It seems traditions come and go. I am sure many families still hold sacred to their traditions. I would like to think people still do have special family traditions.

Every Christmas eve my parents would put up their tree. Unlike all of my friends  who generally had a Christmas tree up for a few weeks my family never put up the tree till Christmas eve.

It was always exceptionally exciting to put up the live evergreen each Christmas eve. We would decorate all day. My Mother had collected treasured and preserved ornaments from every year since her and my Dad married.

Each year my brother and I would receive a new ornament. We all worked painstakingly for hours on the tree. Then in the evening we would go to Christmas eve services.

As a child I would never see the Christmas completely decorated until Christmas morning when my brother and I would rise early and rush to see the gifts. I always remember how beautiful and magical the tree appeared each Christmas morning because it was the first day that I had seen it completely decorated. It was a very exciting thrill as a child.

Hope you and your family have some great Christmas traditions. If you don’t its still not too late to start one of your own.   HAPpY HOLIDAYS to all 


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