Christmas over done, Over drawn, or under baked?

On Christmas package this, package that, run over them on the 3rd of June. Christmas gone and forgotten.

Hot August day get the fuck out of my way.

Christmas gone and forgotten, got taxes two pay you asshole get out of my way.

It seems we all say remember those less fortunate.

At this point If I were like most I would say keep Christmas in your heart all year round.

Truth is I have been addicted. I have lost everything in my life a few times.

Not alot of love compassion and empathy in the real day to day world.

Christmas is a great time a year unless your alone, or abused, drug addicted, lost in the bigger picture.

Standing on the street looking in the window of a house so bright with holiday light, the cold wind bites you in the ass again.

Left homeless with you and yourself again. Family gone, friends a past tense of another decade of lost yesterdays.

A has been of has beens on a hot September day remember Christmas in your head, as you pass that way never again.

We all come from dust and we all return to dust.

So as you judge your neighbor, your former friend, the drunk on the corner again.

Remember your only one wrong turn from a never was has been.

Christmas over done, Over Drawn, or under baked……..Remember all year…..Give someone a break………



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