“Dirty work”

Works hanging like an ornament of blown glass.

Red amber Blood dripping on dirt stained tile, green evergreen tainted floor.

Passed out drunk on a different floor.

Beaten again by the one you love, who will hold you saying never again.

Shooter rolled out of reach again, snow crumbs, carpet crawling on the floor again.

Back alley BJ got another bag of sweet white christmas treat.

Works hanging from your vain nodding like a bobbing Robin trying to make ends meet.

Blood stained floor swirls into a mix of sinners and saints on a purple boulevard of lost greats.

Still recall those haunting cat calls from down the hall and across the way.

Sugar water turns to tap water to dirty water from the curb.

Shots ring in your ears like church bells again and again.

When will it ever end,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dirty work on your knees again


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