” Full Moon Shot”

Totally captivated by the spheres of the full moons glow.

On fire with the view of the full moon.

Licking a saucer of sweet milk.

I am dreaming of the full round curves as they circumference my soul.

Drawn inwardly and outwardly I reach to caress the circular form of enticing magnetic draw that is you.

I lick the saucer more and more lapping up every drop of swe-e-e-t milk again and again. I want more.

It’s so silky smooth, so inviting so. I lick up every bit.

I want more as I look at the moon.

Your sensuous round magnetism draws me in, wanting to crawl right into the center of you. ( )

I am captivated by your charm, your beauty, your animal magnetism.

I lick the saucer under the glow of the moon.

Its fullness, its shape, so perfect in its form.

I am totally captivated between the two spheres of the full moons glow ( ) ————–


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