” Prinicples of Life”

I hope these words find you well and in good spirits, as the year comes to an end.

The lines that define my face seem to leave tracks marking the principles of my life.
Like sitting motionless in a long line of traffic.
Making circles around the track on Metropolitan Boulevard it seems at some point we all spinout of control.

It is not always the path we chose or the path we forged, but the path we seem to follow.
It seems I find myself in a living room unknown to me. I am wondering how did I come to be in this place?
Down the avenue of broken dreams and detours there are many obstacles that lead you down that slippery slide towards the 101 or just 309 to 313, and 417 your home.

The lines of traffic reflecting in the lenses of your glasses tell the story of what you have seen and of what you have missed too. Sometimes it’s easier to close your eyes and see what you want or re-write the story to appear so perfect just simple compassion for fond memories. Sometimes extreme exaggeration the dramatic outlet for dancing around the marks left on your face.

However, not all the principles of ones life so hard to retell or reflect upon. The cruise down lovers lane so innocent so thrilling with anticipation, fear. An ice cream sundae and a ballgame. A beer and a hotdog, the movie you love. Things are beautiful and magical, splendid and special indeed in some romantic vision of fairy tales and gum drops, sugar plums running through your backyard. Everything is good and clean and wonderful in life? If see you the world through rose-colored glasses.

But you cannot hide the lines on your face that leave track marks telling a story of who you have been. But
Some people say today is better than yesterday, better than most some say. I hope one day I can say this all day.

I hate rhyming shit cause it sticks to my tongue but it taste better than vomit or phlegm from my lungs. I am not a pessimist, a realist, or dumb I just like to say that we all cum from cum. It’s not meant to be rude offensive or dumb, it’s a principle of life we all cum from cum.

Hang a left on Mulberry, right on Main, to Maple, there is one in every town in the country. Go to Melrose to Montana and look for Monroe its about two more blocks ya know. Masturbating men all across the country for many reasons or none at all know these crossroads of self exploration.

Nothing better than the love of another, the warmth, the touch, the sensual caress. Nothing better than being held by the one you love. LOVE. Love each other. Or love thyself and then another. Just a few principles of life not exactly told this way by my mother.


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