“You were totally right”

These memories etched into my soul, my being forever altered in your last weeks.

I sat with you and held your hand, we talked. We never did alot of that in your earlier years, my bad.

I wiped your mouth as you could barely eat. I held your hand.

You made it through that last holiday season, as if it was a mission must be complete.

Through our life we never really bonded as we did in this last few weeks. My bad again.

I wish I had listened to you early in our lives. Again my bad

You knew I had made many mistakes, I can never say I have no regrets.

You knew I lived a life opposite of yours, I can never say I have no remorse.

You held my hand.

I watched as you died, I held your hand.

I now see everything you tried to tell me so clear.

You held my hand.

You were totally right about everything.

I see it all so clear.

I held your hand.

On that morning you squeezed my hand.

Shortly after I closed your eyes, and held your hand.

Miss you Dad. You were a good man.


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