Analyze this wood relief sculpture or just give it a title.


Recently a friend of mine was talking about art and mentioned how people sometimes read things into art, conceptually or visually…….. MY little challenge analyze, tag or title this butternut wood sculpture from 1993…….
PLEASE POST UR COMMENTS just sorta cool and curious nothing can be right or wrong its only old art lol……….


10 thoughts on “Analyze this wood relief sculpture or just give it a title.

  1. My first thought was emotional wall, which leads to a question: building up or tearing down? But no… emotional walls are for self protection, a cold fortress, and butternut has such warm vibes. Walls are okay. We all have walls, just a part of who we are… I like the man emerging out of his wall as it is only when we are unable to morph in & out of our walls to interact with other people that our walls become a problem. Ok, how’s that for a psycho mumble-jumble? I like this piece and it makes me wonder what he sees… if something is there that makes him hesitate.

    • thanks for analogy.. VERY Interesting true we all have walls and I suppose by posting such an old piece of art from a vulnerable time in my life it does leave it al open to interpretation…………thanks for input

  2. Wow, this is amazing.
    I see it as a man who is trapped within something that is a part of his self. Like an identity crisis, perhaps. Or his sense of personal values.

    • both of your observations are true, both in identity crisis and personal values,,,,,,,, this piece was completed during the early weeks of my sobriety twenty years ago thanks for your insight and thoughful input

    • Thanks for your comments ,,,, it is as if hanging on. definetly emotional piece. If memory serves me I believe the piece is about tearing down the wall and breaking through,,,, Its apositive piece about breaking out… thanks for sharin your input

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