On Addiction/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Longing for the day when my piercings were shiny and new. Rent was only 235.00 a month. Didnt realize my youth was spent casing an unobtainable escape. My peers all seemed to believe that smoking a bag of dope, drinking a fifth and popping a few pills of the week was all sociably acceptable behavior. But then again at that time it was to me too.

Didnt realize the shine would disappear from those new piercings and with it the shine of youth would disappear too. When my life was ahead of me and behind was simply a childhood and an awkward drug filled adolescence, I didn’t know my adult life would spin on a dime so hard.

Running down hill backwards and doing somersaults up hill, complicated. Looking back but not moving forward like a dog on leash, am I simply trying to pee on a tree? What lies beneath the next motel comforter or the sleeping bag on the street corner. Going to sleep right here on this park bench.

When you can’t find your car. Or your car is what you call home, its time to look ahead and not behind.
Something is wrong, lost it along the line.

Track marks gone from my arms. Alcohol poison long since dried up. Still missing the smoking up? A twenty year addiction that set me back 23 years, lucky to still be here to write now. Lost a few along the way. Its no game, no fun, no more, its over its time to live.

How deep those scars run,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


2 thoughts on “On Addiction/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  1. Its been along time and the wounds heal, you learn to live, you go on. Somethings you can amend and some you cannot control change or ever amend. But its better in the end. Hope is always positive and good. Thanks for reading by the way love ur post

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