“The Melting Cross 168 Dead” also known as the “Weeping Cross”


When we think of the past it does form are present.

When we reflect on things we have done and places we have gone. It all becomes who we are.

Several years before the 911 tragedy, there was another act of terrorism that scarred the country

It was the Oklahoma City bombing, where 168 people died, many children.

An act of domestic terrorism.

A terrible thing similar but much than the violence in Sandy Hook.

It seems that throughout history we never seem to learn from these types of violent acts.

Nothing ever really gets better from these acts against humanity, but it changes everything.

Just as it has happened in other countries across the globe.

Violent acts of terror against humanity never really solve anything they change everyone’s reality.

I had started the sculpture before the Oklahoma Bombing had happened.

During the carving of this sculpture I kept seeing the number 168.

As the death toll rose and was broadcast daily on the news I continued to work on the sculpture seeing the number 168.

As the count was given 27, 49, 56, 111, 139, it finally reached 168 dead.

I saw the number in my head everyday as the news continued to cover the story of more confirmed deaths.

TOTAL 168 the sculpture was dedicated to those people.



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