” Black Face Purple Heart”


With purple heart we honor those with battle scars. With blackened face life moves on forever scarred.

With purple heart and black blood they bleed upon the sands of blackened oil drenched lands.

We fight for things we cannot own, things we cannot possess, yet we try to possess it all.

Forced views of righteousness of mandated mandates as to how to live to think to be.

If you resist you are a traitor, an agitator, or an enemy.

The oil fields are the battle ground like the living room the battle ground for domestic wars and it rages on daily.

Many deserve purple hearts few get them.

However we all bleed the black blood of rage and violence with it’s harsh realities that effect everyone’s daily lives globally.

Sadly as the battles wage on internationally in homes, in the streets, on the oil fields, in the war zones, we learn only to become more defensive, less free, more on guard.

Fear becomes the terror, and terror becomes a harsh reality of daily life.

We learn nothing but to hate and to be hated.

The global economy, not truly a global productive goal for universal improvement.

But rather an attempt at universal domination.

There is not a true globally minded effort for universal improvement it is simply self-centered greed and survival mode.

Sad very sad,,,,,,,,,,,, powers used to destroy not only their combative or non-combative enemies but themselves and all of us too.

We will all end up with a black face but no one will be around to pin a purple on heart on your chest………………





3 thoughts on “” Black Face Purple Heart”

  1. the wood is purple heart,,,,,, its a very hard wood usually used for wood turning. the base is black enamel painted wood. the face is slightly darkened opaque color from saw blade burning wood

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