“The Neurotic Hamster”

folder500003  The crawling Man

The human condition as enigmatic and perplexing as it sometimes appears is actually quite similar to the state of a hamster. Not unlike the hamster we scurry from corner to corner of our domain tucking away our little snacks and treats, treasures of super delight.

We defecate in one corner and we sleep in another. We bury our heads beneath the bedding and hide from the world as long as possible.

In life we are constantly running like the hamster on its wheel. We are constantly on the go as we call it, we go go go but end up in the same place. Isnt it a strange metaphor for our lives. Like the hamster running in its wheel we keep on running hurry hurry around and around we go.

We are all trying to make improvements, in our health, in our financial situation or our intellectual pursuits we strive for improvement and we run run run to achieve them. Seems we run trying to improve everything from finances, our personal happiness and our lifestyles in general. All of this seems to leave you happy on one paw and dissatisfied on the other. Many times we end up in a neurotic situation like the hamster who spends his entire life running on the wheel to get nowhere.

I don’t want to sound pessimistic, I like hamsters. But you must admit they are very neurotic. When you wind up a human they run and they chatter like an adorable little hamster. Unfortunately all of their energy many times is spent going nowhere.

We race from one event to another telling ourselves that activity is the key to happiness, the secret to success. Keeping a full schedule will keep you happy healthy and wise. We seem to run neurotically from one thing to the next filling our lives with things. Just things to fill our day to occupy ourselves or to avoid other things, places, or people.

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE HERE:  take notes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   SLOW  DOWN…………….

We run in circles like the hamster on its wheel. Look to the left look to the right hurry hurry hurry we must eat shovel in your food shovel hurry up eat,,, go got to go,,,,go go go go you know…………… Got to run………….. go go goooooooooooooooo. Run run like the neurotic hamster it’s easier to run then reflect,   to communicate,, or to connect. STOP …………………. BREATH









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