” Spiritual Navigator Pathways”

folder900001Spiritual Navigator

Pathways of destinies uncertain. Living in a presence of mind, an intrinsic knowledge of something greater for each us around the next bend.

No Map, no compass to navigate by, map quest deleted………………….

A desire to go on, to exist against all confrontation and struggles one encounters.

Following a pathway that we believe is our true destiny.

The course that leads you to your hopes and dreams, a chance meeting, a new adventure, a new start.

A desire to overcome even when you want to retreat.

A path not yet forged, a journey into the unknown.

An escape route for some, a path to freedom.

A journey of adventure, fame and fortune, or peace of mind.

A path to security, independence, or self exploration.

A journey we all experience and are universally bonded as a result of it.

Not a religious journey, but for some it may be their path.

However, for us all it is a pathway to ourselves are lives and are being.

We are all products of every thought and action we have and follow.

Our lives the sum of those thoughts and actions.

We are all joined as one as we partake in the human journey,, the Spiritual pathway that we navigate together.









4 thoughts on “” Spiritual Navigator Pathways”

  1. thank you. I am planning to wrap up this particular blog series in a day or two. However I plan to continue to write on this site. I m thinking 21 days of Passion my new blog series starting this friday the 25th.

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