folder9 ” The Thinker”

Dangling from a thread wrapped around the spool of life, it appears nothing and everything hangs in the balance

We all have scars some easy to see, permanent marks that leave their impression on you forever. Some scars come and go. Others are hidden beneath the exterior of ones protective shell. Those scars can dig deep into ones persona or self-image.

Many of us as writers, artists, musicians, performers probably at some point realize that our life’s work may become lost in the world so big. I suppose that is the inspiration for the collage ” Lost words on a Page” I don’t want my manuscript ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″ to become lost words on  Page.  Not because I wrote the story. Not because I believe it is necessarily great literature, but because I feel the story needs to be told.

Most of us write and do creative endeavors to fulfill a desire, a need for self-expression, communication and possibly escape, in a therapeutic way. This is all part of the creative process I suppose.

Concerning the manuscript Imitating Snowflakes it is a story of heartbreak agony and violation. It is a true story about a father and a son and how the system kept them apart. It is a story that turns very dark. It touches on the injustices handed out from person to person, from court justices to the court of appeals.

To read more about this true life civil rights story scroll down or search for entry 1-27 passages from “Imitating Snowflakes 107.5”

This entire blog series from the first blog to this blog, is actually one long conceptual body of work. The stories largely interconnected. the art all from the time that the true life story unfolded.

Enjoy your journey and may you all find peace along your path.



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