“Passionate Glances”

In Passionate glances I see glimpses of you. Under your thick winter coat I picture you.

The cold winter air evaporates in the moment as I see you here and there, from time to time a chance meeting.

Who are you?

Your beauty not hidden by the bulk of a warm winter wrap.

I am drawn to you and I can barely see you.

Your hood hides your hair, but I know it is awesome.

Your face partially covered as the hood hangs down in an alluring way, mysteriously.

I am most definitely undressing you in my mind.

But all I want is to pull back your hood so that I can see the line of your neck.

That graceful firm elegant neckline that is totally concealed by winter garment.

I am drawn to you. I want to kiss your neck gently.

I can feel you. I can sense your essence. I want you

I am attracted to you with strong magnetic pull.

I can feel you. I am intoxicated by your enticing aroma.

I am on fire with intrigue, who are you?

I want to know you.

Everything left to the imagination and everything about you I want to embrace..

Who are you? I want to know you……………….

With Passionate Glances I dream of you waiting passionately.

WHO ARE YOU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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