” Corner Diner”

Scribbled notes jotted on a napkin. Watchin people come and go as you work.

Notes of romantic enterludes, encounters behind the counter.

Sitting at the counter like seated in an Edward Hopper painting.

The illuminated diner a glow with the yellow hue of light that reaches into the street lighting the night.

I continue to make notes on napkins as you work.

I can’t help but think how it would be if I were to leave here with you and not only me.

I jot down thoughts.. ideas and images some I leave and some I not dare.

As I drink my coffee oh my dear.

I must admit I can’t help myself as I watch you doing dishes.

That little wiggle,,,,, oh my dear,,,, I better not say.

But its more than that as I watch from so far away, from that corner diner in the light of another lonely night.

The corner diner in my mind so many miles away.



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