“Corner Diner” two

With neon lights a glow you can’t help but notice the corner diner with that “N”  flickering in the dark of night. I am pretty sure the “N” has some sort of electrically  issue but for as along as I can remember the ” N” always flickered like a flame in the wind.

Hi hun do you want another cup of coffee?  Sure fill me up.

What are you writing? You know I have looked at several of your doodles you have left here on napkins. They aren’t bad.  Lol…Thank you.

By the way some of them are  pretty hot, and the drawing not bad either. So what are you writing on that laptop? I am writing about colors, passion and romance,

One day red an intense sorta fiery sort had his eye on a bright happy cautious, but attractive yellow.

Red was chemically drawn to yellow and couldn’t resist the vibrant aura of yellow with its zest for life.

Red kept getting close to yellow and the hot passionate red began to melt the cautious yellow. As if yellow were turning into a creamy butter, red began to mix with yellow as they chatted it up.

As the two became interwoven into a swirl of amber delight, a sunset of warm hues began to appear. The hot driving red worked feverishly into yellow wrapping himself arond the bright attraction. They mixed and surrounded each other warmly embracing each others glow as they joined into one.

They found that they had mixed and blended beautifully into a warm vivacious orange blend of  truly beautiful unity. 

I looked from my laptop as I finished reading about color and the waitress stood there looking at me.

Wow ,so how does it end?  Do they live happily ever after?

I don’t know yet there are so many colors. so many compliment each other too. But lets hope for an ending like a rainbow of true natural beauty.





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