” Corner Diner ” four

i enter the diner looking for you. I see you working coffee pot in hand you approach me.

As you pour my coffee i melt into the cup from you.

Let me ask you something Hun? Did you leave something in here the other night? I found something left on the counter.

Oh my god did you find that? I was looking everywhere for those notes.

Listen hun who are you writing about?

Well I am writing about you.  WOW me,,, whoa seriously,,,,,,,, omg!

Yes you are my muse. I am writing a book, a novel I guess.  Its a love story

You see I haven’t written a thing for years. Every since my wife died I have been lost.

Alone unable to work. I abandon my art and my writing. Its been several years now that I have been alone.

Then one day I saw you. I didn’t know what to say or how to express how I felt but you inspired me to write again. So it has become one of those love stories unlike anything I would have ever written before. You know one of those Corney sappy love stories but its good cause I am working again because of you, my muse.

The waitress standing there listening coffee pot in hand is speechless.

I stand up and look directly into her eyes and ask if she would like to go out. She still speechless is staring at me saying nothing. The coffee pot drooping begins to drip coffee on the counter.

She looks at me inquisitively and says no one has ever written anything to me like that paper I found last night. I explain to her that she wasn;t really suppose to read it and that it was notes for the novel but I do clarify that it is all her , totally all about her.

The verse she had found read like this.

The crescent moon hung in the crisp winters night sky just above the roof line of the corner diner. It appeared as if it were staged for a ballet the dance of two lovers.

The ” N” on the neon sign flickering ever faithfully under the moonlight.It seemed that sign with its eye catching N was beckoning customers to enter the diner. Every time that the sign drew me in there she was so bright, so charismatic, charming, alluring, and to me intriguing for I wanted to know all about her.

She had become my breath and I could now breathe. She become my inspiration and now I could dream.

I always longed to eat at my favorite spot. I was so attracted to the back of her knees I couldn’t help but steer as she walked past. The comfort of a familiar place seemed near, after so long removed for comfort anywhere.

I am looking at the menu throbbing with anticipation.excitement, admiration. If only she knew how I long to hold her. to comfort and embrace her, to share and be near her.

The menu tantalizing and even mesmerizing as my dreamy waitress passes by and I glimpse at the back of her knees.

I decide on the oyster soup, the dish of the day, soup. I am excited with anticipation of your creamy hot dish. I find myself drawn in deeply as you offer the soup. I am enthralled to an orgasmic state by the Pearl delight of your creamy hot dish laid before me.

I am pleased by the soup as it gives me great pleasure in completely experiencing your culinary splendor. I long to return again and again to embrace your sweet nectar the pearl delighted soup of the corner diner love you forever.







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