“Corner Diner” three

Of crystal spindles on full moons night, as you pass my window I look into the winters sky, ever clear night. 

I see you exposing your inner most light.

Your elegant verse, prose strong, heartfelt penetrating me.  it beckons into the night.

Your elegant form now visible in minds eye.

Your neck so enticing alluring me into the night.

Exposed on paper, pencil, pen and pad, my laptop unable to rest being driven to drive hard my love lorn, so mysterious, so perplexed, are you truly sad?

At the corner diner I long to eat.  A fairy-tale feast for two must eat.

I know you by only a tag, name worn on your site your badge tagged on site so sweet.

Enigmatic light name tag work corner diner my light.

On line and over the counter corner diner delight. I am at your feet dwelling in the glow of your presence in site.

I long to linger at your work station site. To know the you inside of you close into the night.

Hearts beating together close we touch.

Becoming a new, two hearts now one from two.

Penetrating words coming from you, inside me, outside I want to come in you.

Words cutting close to your heart mine too

Hearts beating against one another, oh I really want you.

The corner diner open all through the night.

Crafted words carefully stated, prose guarded yet exposed, in the dark of only moonlite.

Lustful woes I yearn to feel you.

The touch of the real you.

Cold laptop a fire.

Scribbling more notes on napkins thinking of you.

In the corner diner a cup of coffee so hot its boiling over thinking of you.





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