Corner Diner Five

When  I am am near you, I feel warm.

You emanate an inviting sensual presence that makes me yearn to hold you.

I am calm when near you with a feeling of  openness that draws me to you.

The sun beams brightly as I see you walking to the crest of the hill.

I am standing in front of the diner waiting to see you before I must leave for work.

I look down the street with anticipation of your arrival.

Like an angel in the sky, you appear.

The sun creating a silhouette of your elegant form.

Come on girl I want coffee, but only from you.

As you approach I begin to walk toward you.

The sun now lighting your face, I can see your glowing smile.

My heart pumps excitedly as you are nearing.

Slightly embarrassed to admit but as the sunlight catches the hues of your hair I become aroused.

As she nears me I am  very excited.

Oh my god you  are beautiful, good morning.

I can’t stay don’t even have time for coffee have to get to work. Just wanted to see your face and say good morning.  We still on for Friday night?

Of course hun. Awesome I can’t wait.

I stand there looking deeply into her eyes neither of us saying anything.

So I steal a quick kiss. Got to go.

She laughs like a school girl and says your silly and you didn’t ask if you could kiss me.

As I am walking down the street she says, hey, coffee tonight. Definitely, I can’t wait..

As I look back and see her enter the diner all I can think of is I don’t know her name. 


that can  brake the darkness of any cold winter morn..



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