Corner Diner seven

I have dreamt of you in visions of great wonderous,fantasies.

I have ached for you. I have pictured you in my mind without even knowing who you are.

I have waited, anticipated contemplated and probably fabricated.

I am afraid to be hurt again, but who isn’t?

I am so thrilled with this new-found affection. The sweet fond excitement and exhilaration that new relationships bring.

That pitter patter in your heart when the other enters the room. To hear their voice on the telephone, so exuberantly wonderful. Its awesome indeed.

It’s great to feel this way, its amazing and I find myself in awe of your presence.

With long-awaited anticipation I am realizing you might be the one. Of course this is very scary to think for I am not sure why or how I can even say such a thing.

How many of us have said never again. I won’t date. I won’t fall in love I am done with relationships, and then it happens again.

Well I have done all of these things. So I waited along time, but it now seems like all caution has been tossed to the wind.

Tonight we go out for the first time. I am nervous like a teenager on his first date experience ever. My stomach is in knots. I am anxious, elated, and hesitant too.

I am a grown man with butterflies in his stomach.

I am not expecting anything more than an amazing time with thought provoking and fun conversation. That, I know will be easy for we already have that every time we speak.

I want to give you the world.

I want to bring you chocolates of the finest quality. A dozen long stem roses too, but I know that’s a little much for a first date, especially the thing about the world.

But one white rose will be fine.

In my eyes you are so fine that no single rose, nor any dozen could ever emulate your beauty charm and sensual loveliness.


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