“Corner Diner” eight

Taking her into his arms he puts his hands firmly but tenderly around her waist.

He pulls her close as the first date is coming to a climatic end.

Like a match igniting, a flame of hot passion burst forth enrapturing their entire bodies.

The soft warm taste of sweet moist lips touching one another gently.

The lovers are swept away by their first kiss of sensual magic.

The warm moist kiss of intensely passionate excitement rushes through them.

Her lips like sweet candy, inviting, alluring, electrifying.

Now holding her close to his body firmly pressed against one  another the Passion builds. Their warming bodies both now at atention,the firm feel of two bodies entwined begins to build tempo.

As if they had been together many times before, it seemed comfortable stimulating.

Electric seemed to charged the two as they held each other in a hot senual embrace they never wanted to end.

His body hard, pressed firmly against her trembling soft curves.

It was as if the two seemed unable to stop the passionate kiss on the door steps of her home.

They pause momentarily looking deeply into each others eyes.

.Both knowing  they want to crawl right inside of each others souls.

Ignited with a passion of unbridled desire they kiss again.

More vibrantly more intensely more divinely, as he pulls her in tightly against his aroused body.

He is holding her as if he plans to never let go.

Just then the neighbors car pulls up in front of the house and an older couple get out of their car.   Good evening.

The young waitress now a bit awestruck and very excited says. Look hun,we better call it a night before this goes to far to fast.  But oh my, did I have a wonderful night. Thank you, call me tomorrow.

Until the morning I will think of nothing else but you.

I will see you at the diner.

I too had an awesome night.



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