Corner Diner “Of Wild flowers”


 Looking for you, In a field abundant of wild flowers.

I am captivated by one particular beauty that shines singularly to all others.

As I watch you gently sway in the breeze, my heart grows more fond of this wild flower.

Illuminated by the buttery glow of a warm afternoon sun your magnificent beauty is alluring to anyone in sight of you.

I am drawn to you and only you.

The necture of your bud intoxicating.

The round full curves of your soft silky petals brings me to my knees.

I kneel before you, truly here to serve you, to please you, to protect you, to comfort you and enjoy the warmth of afternoons sun.

I want to be the stem of your flower, the leaves of your petals.

If I were the soil, I would graciously accept and embrace your roots. Your eleganant form floating freely above me.

If I ever were to pick you from the soil I would want to crawl up inside of you and share a domestic vase of crystal clear essence of beauty together with you forever.

However, I prefer to bask under the glow of radiant sun, together of wild flowers, lovers in the sun.




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