” Corner Diner” nine,,,,,,,,,, On Touch

The flickering neon light above the diner remains steadfast like an eternal flame dancing in the wind.  As I enter the diner like I had done a  thousand times before the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air.

I ordered up a cup of caffinated splendor. Watching my waitress pour the cup, her hair brushes past my face and touches my cheek. I am driven wild with passion.

I long to touch her silky skin. I dreamt of feeling her hair brush across my arm as she leaned in to fill my cup. Such a simple dream of desire has now been fulfilled.

The cup is warm and comforting.  It feels smooth, subtle. The shapely form of the warm porcelain  emanates and aura of pleasing pleasure as I gently caress the curves of the cup.

I want nothing more than to hold her in my hands as if she is the cup.

I desire to feel my special waitress as I had the night before. I can’t overly stear at her as she works but I can’t keep eyes off of her.

The diner is busy, little time for chit chat as she hurries from table to table.  

I sip my coffee slowly peering out from above the cups rim.

I touch the napkin bringing it to my mouth. My lips are on fire with passion so hot that  it nearly burns a hole in the napkin.

She smiles at me as she passes on her way around the counter.

I want to sweep her off of her feet and take her right here and now in the middle of the diner I want to ravage her.

I can stand it any longer, I throw a ten dollar bill on the counter,  as she passes I spin my stool around from the counter. I quickly stand up, as if accidentally bumping into her I take her in my arms.

Excuse  me miss, I am so sorry.. She laughs, as I hold her a moment longer than needed and whisper into her ear I want to make love to you. I let her go with additional apologies, tryin to make it all seem innocent and meaningless. But as we touched it was the ignition of passion that fueled both our hearts as we simultaneously sparked with passion from an irresistible touch.





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