“Corner Diner” ten

Hey hun you know we serve food here right?  Lol …… Yes of course I know that.

Well I guess you did order that bowl of oyster soup one night. So what will you have?

Here is what I want. I want to take you shopping and buy you a winter coat and all the accessories to go with it.

Omg are you kidding me, you want to buy me a coat? What else gloves and scarf maybe mittens you are too funny.

No seriously I really want to do this. There is nothing sexier and more alluring than a woman in the right coat. If you add on the right hat or gloves it is awesome and I have to tell you women in the perfect coat wth the right accessories can have any man they want. It doesn’t matter their shape or size but the right coat, man it will do it.

I find women extremely attractive if they have found the coat that suits them best. It can melt my heart on the coldest of days. I mean seriously coats are sexier than anyone may realize. Maybe its a fetish of mine I don’t know. But all covered up and bundled warmly in the perfect coat, smoking hot. It’s the perfect prelude to eventual foreplay. 

So hun what are you saying you don’t like my coat? You know I would not normally let a man pick out my cloths but I will give you a shot. Lol

No I love you in your coat, But its cold and snowy outside and whats wrong with an extra coat?

Ok I will let you buy me a coat, but I am picking it out not you, drink your coffee. You know you are nuts right? A coat omg lol.

Can I have some Oyster soup please.

Yes of course hun. So what kind of coat do you picture me in?

You will see soon enough,,,,,,,, what time do you get off……..?


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