” Corner Diner” eleven

Two coats thrown upon the floor, passion young and new.

Two sensual lovers embracing under the crystal blue beams of moonlit snow.

What are you writing on my napkin hun?

Laughing out loud, I tell her I am ready for the passionate love scene.

Oh, I am sure you are, lol. Listen truth is so am I.
By the way thank you for the coat its beautiful. I love it! I must admit you were right about the coat too because I received several compliments and how nice I looked. So now when do I get the shoes and purse? LOL
No, I am only kidding the coat is more than enough.
So now back to this love scene. lol

So are you going to order any food today?

No just Coffee please. By the way you do look amazing in that new coat so charming and alluring in a sophisticated yet playful way. It does look awesome on you.

UPP,,,,,,,,,,, gotta run got a customer.

The moon lit the lovers entwined forms as they lay together on the floor next to the discarded coats thrown off in the heat of passion. Wrapped only in each others arms the lovers caress and explore each other tenderly with building excitement and increasing tempo as ,,,,,,,,,,

Hey hun you sure you don’t want anything to eat?

Lol No really I am fine.

Ok I am sorry I interrupted to you.

No its fine.

Sensually he takes her in his arms and passionately their lips touch. Their mouths open as the hot breath of love heats their lips, their tongues now explore each others. Grasping her tightly he pulls her firmly against his hard body as she trembles with excitement.

I am sorry hun I know you are writing but you see the two guys over their in the corner booth. They are asking a lot of questions about you. Do you know who they are?

Nope I never saw them before, what did they ask you?


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