” Yesteryears Tomorrow”

When they say that life is short it truly is quite sincere.

Yesteryears seem so near, until I add up the sum of years.

It seems with each new year another becomes yesteryear.

Just reflecting back and looking ahead doing the math inside of my head.

It’s nothing more and nothing less than the net worth of each year, all precious, the few, the many, to far and too near.

Move ahead, accepting life’s curves as they will come you can count on that each year. Can’t control them, can’t plan them, or steer clear.

A lesson learned, a lesson, taught, a lesson through the hour glass, like it or not.

No matter the goal, lost, obscured, achieved or surpassed. Some dreams like keepsakes locked up in a box. Some realized, some treasured, some forgotten now lost, all close to your heart as yesteryears do part.

There is nothing more precious than the years as they quickly pass, boldly, fondly, heartfelt they all pass.

Looking ahead with expectations, sometimes altered. Memories awesome and epic and altered all pass.

Bittersweet parting reflections of yesteryears, good ones, and bad ones all now parted.

Seize the moment in life, test yourself never measure.

Set goals to strive towards, do the work, keep in mind life is truly the net worth.

When its broke let it go, move ahead, let yesteryears absorb the blow.

A new again, accept yourself embrace the years from beginning to end.

You change only today the future filled with yesteryears.

So don’t wait for tomorrow the future tense so near.

Change today not tomorrow.

For you will never realize how many years can be wasted on sorrow, until today is yesteryears tomorrow.








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