“Corner Diner” twelve

Walking towards the corner diner the street is barron. There is not a soul in sight. Its actually freezing out here. The wind is biting. Its the kind of windy night where the material of your pants freezes. As the material touches your skin it cuts through you like a knife.

I am heading down the long hill on Main Street to the diner. As I near, I can see the golden glow of the diner like a painting etched into the fabric of history from Edward Hopper. The yellow beams of light cascade on the corners side walk, warmly illuminating the magnetic charm held within. The flickering “N” on the diner sign still like a flame fighting the wind.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee intoxicatingly inviting fills the air as I open the door enveloped by a gush of warm welcoming aromas from the Corner Diner.

My sexy waitress standing behind the counter greets me with that little smile that can melt my heart like a piece of cheese on a tuna melt.

Hi hun, coffee? lol

Yes,Of course. Wow it feels good in here, it is so cold and windy outside. I am so glad to see your smiling face.

Hun, You know those guys that I said had been asking questions about you? Well don’t look but they are over there in that same corner booth,again. They have been in and out of here several times lately. Hun, tell me is something going on? Is there something I should know about you? Or something I don’t know about you?
I mean I really like you. I want to be honest and I want you to be honest with me too. So whats’ up?

Well what have they been asking you?

Alot of stuff, how long have I known you. How did we meet. Did I know you were planning on buying a building and open an art gallery. Stuff like that.
I told them yes I knew about the art gallery. They have been talking to other people in here too and asking them what they know about you. Whats going on?

I am pretty sure I know who they are, or at least who they work for. I can’t believe this is happening. Shit!

Who are they hun?

The two detectives sat in the corner booth eating their bacon chesse burger deluxe, as if nothing was happening. Drinking coffee and trying to blend into the scenery of the corner diner,they were obviously out of place. The two very inconspicious in a very conspicious way.

Ok here is the story I believe they are federal agents and they don’t like the book I have written.

Wow, what book? You mean your love story? Oh come on seriously hun.

Not that story its a book I started writing years ago. I actually have written it 3 or 4 differant times, differant versions. Thing is this last version, a true life recap of some distrubing factual events set them on edge. Its my Imitating Snowflakes book and they would not be happy if it gets published.

Wow you are kidding right?

No, unfortunately it puts some high powered people in a very bad light. All I did was write the truth. But sometimes the truth is better left unsaid. At least that is how I know they feel about it. I on the other hand made them look bad by simply telling the truth about what was done to me and by whom.

Omg hun, what did they do?

That’s the issue here, its all in the book and they allready tried to silence me once but it didn’t work. That was nine years ago and the updated version has been recently completed. That was finished just shortly before I met you.

OH god hun, well what did they do to you?
What are you going to do?

I plan to publish the book………………………….



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