“Corner Diner” love on 14th and Main

When I entered the diner on Valentines day I thought my heart would burst from the anticipation. The corner diner in its own charming simplistic way was adorned with a few cupids armed with arrows and several large sparkling hearts on the wall. Every table did have red and pink carnations, a few bud vases were also placed on the counter. A swag that hung from above the counter saying Happy Valentines Day, floated like a garland of love as the waitress of my passionate desire walked passed it.

I had the plan of dinner at a different establishment, more upscale, more romantic.  I hoped for the romantic interlude would then follow. However, as we all know life doesn’t always work out as we plan. My lovely waitress had to work late and close the diner, doing a double shift because her relief called off.

As I sat at the counter watching her work I realized there really was no place more romantic for me than my seat one stool from the end of the counter at my favorite diner. Of course I am sure she felt alittle different since this was her place of work. But I am sure she would embrace the emotion.

So with plans changed I sipped my coffee and then finally she had a break. I laid on the counter a Valentines card and a small box that contained a beautiful heart shaped locket with the engraved words saying I love U.

Sorta a cliche’ I must admit a heart shaped locket, but it was gold and tasteful.She loved it. Enclosed in the card was a poem I had written to her.

                                                      ” Love”

When I gaze upon you in the mornings light the ever essence’s of your glow is warmer than the sun’s light.

When I feel your soul near mine, I am alive with warmth as if from a candle lights comforting glow.

When I hear your voice from far or near its sounds as if I am home with you my dear.

I never thought I would say these words.

 But it is true, I love you my dear more and more each day.

She smiled and gave me a very short but passion filled kiss.  She then told me to meet her around 11 p.m. when the diner closes so I could walk her home.

I left and returned shortly before 11:00. I found my lovely scrubbing the counters and cleaning up. I watched for awhile and offered to help. She laughed and said no she would finish shortly, then we could go.

I was trying to control my desires as I watched that little wiggle as she worked. Everyone was gone and we were alone. The front lights of the diner were off now.

I was overcome with lustful passionate desires. I came up behind her and put my arms around her. She melted into my arms and I began to kiss her neck. She let out out a soft moan as I worked my way down her neck to her shoulder.

I was totally turned on and I was fully aroused. She turned and faced me.  We began to kiss sensually. Neither of us could control the passion, the desire, the need to feel and to be felt.

The heat got really turned up. I don’t mean on the grill either. I found myself picking her up and putting her on the counter. We continued kissing and wildly we started unbuttoning buttons. We didn’t fully undress.  But I cupped her bare breast in my hands and then I began to suck her erect nipples.

Like to starved animals we made wild passionate lust filled love. It was in a deep romantic way that swept booth of us up in the moment. It was sensual, beautiful and long over due. It was a valentines day truly struck by cupids arrow.

We did find love on 14th and Main at the Corner Diner in the corner of my minds eye.







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