on rodneyartist

on rodneyartist

When You consider how many times people fear the unknown, the misunderstood or the unexplainable, you can then see how ridiculous witch hunts begin.

If someone says you are a subversive people begin to fear you, to suspect you, to hate you or admire you. Never really knowing the truth of the facts behind any accusations made.

Famous people like Carl Sandburg, and John Lennon were labeled subversives. If you choose to put me into this category then thank you for misidentifing me once again. The following blog site has 120 posts demonstrating the actual type of person and artist I am. Please read randomly or pay close attention to Passages from” Imitating snowflakes 1 – 25.” U decide.

If you scroll down about three posts there is a Gallery show of some of my art. click on it and you can get enlarged photos in a slide show presentation.


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