” The Pope Takes a Knee”

There are two subjects that set off the rockets red glare, politics and religion. So lets talk about them a bit. Is the Pope as important to the world as the Queen of England, or is it the President of the United States that has the power?

How many wars have been fought over religion and politics. Seems like all of them.

I have a suggestion for the new Pope, maybe you should step into the real world and ban the antedated position of no birth control. Maybe you should let priest get married, maybe you should let women be priest.

As for the queen your royal majesty really come on, what part of humble don’t you understand maybe you and the pope who ever he maybe should run away together in a land of sugarplums and gum drops and spend your days waving your wands upon the masses forever altering our lives.

Mr. President a suggestion for you maybe to remind the congress that they work for the common man. They should not be involved with special self serving interest groups who are buying votes to lobby for bills they want passed to benefit their multibillion  dollar corporations.

Come on social reform is it possible? I doubt it; but it is needed.

It is time to abolish the old relics of a forgotten time who cling to archaic beliefs not logical in modern society. For the powers that be it is time to realize globally you have a responsibility to your people to work harmoniously like a team with common goals. Goals that are geared towards improvements in the working class mans struggle to exist.

Bickering like school children over legislation, ineffectively not being able to agree and or pass new laws that can make improvements only exemplifies the governments ineffective special interest subdivisions of legislation.

Its too bad the pope the queen the president the prime minister and the like cant team up to make improvements that could benefit man. Maybe all of them should try living and being a little more humble.

By the way President whats up with the recent pardons you issued? Pardons fine, but how and why did you pick who you picked? I know I guy who deserves a pardon of course that would open a can of government cover ups and judicial injustice that none of you in charge would ever want to be made public.

But I wish you all well in your quest for world power and historic notoriety. I could go on but I will take a knee at this point before this starts to sound like a socialist manifesto.

your truly, rodneyartist


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