Search and Recovery of Lost Art

My current job sometimes is like a treasure hunt weeding through mounds of objects. Some simply of household use or worn discarded items, sometimes only junk, but other times true treasures of art are recovered. My mission search and recover lost art.

I must admit I enjoy the hunt as much as I enjoy preparing the items for resale.

The items range from glassware, pottery, figurines, and wood sculpture to canvas paintings, prints and photos of all genres and eras.

While at work I discovered an old print the other day. A painting by TAD CALL an east coast painter associated with the coastal areas of Massachusetts.

The print was dirty but in good condition. It is seascape at night depicting the ocean crashing into the rocks under an overcast moonlit night. The painting by Tad Call is excellent. It is in a wood frame and measures 28″x24″. Its truly an alluring print that glows with the essence of the sea, both day or night.

I began to clean up the piece and as I turn to look at the back I realized it had been signed by Tad Call in pencil. It says ” Best Regards Tad Call” it is an exact match to the signature on the print itself. Oddly I am mesmerized .

I am frozen touching the printed writing from Tad Call. I lay my finger tips on the pencil printing and I cannot let go. As if he is speaking directly to me i cannot look away from his words.

I continue working on the piece. I could not get it out of my mind. I showed the art to all of my co-workers and we looked up Mr. Call on line to help estimate the value of the work.

Well the value not extreme, however the sigature and the print to me priceless. I am not permitted to purchase objects from my employer until they have been placed for a respectable amount of time in the store. This gives the public and opportunity to acquire the items without giving employees an unfair advantage by purchasing from the backroom.

So I place the print amongest the other paintings and photos and prints on display for sale. I hang it where it can be prominently seen. However I must admit I wanted to bury it behind a stack of paintings that are leaning against a wall, but I didn’t. I hung it so everyone could see and enjoy this mystical seascape.

Now I keep checking regularly to see if it has sold, but it still was there. Eventually after a few days I could stand it no longer, I had to have that print. I came to work that morning and I put the painting on the floor behind a stack of other paintings. It was still accessible to the public but now concealed.

That evening as I was leaving work for the day I purchased the print that had mystically entwined my thoughts and imagination for the last several days since I had first seen it.The print now hanging proudly in my living-room above my fireplace mantle

Thing is from the first moment I noticed the writing on the back of the piece I could not get it out of mind. I connected with it. I identified with it. I felt myself in it. It made me realize and admit to myself that I am and always was and always will be an artist.

Tad Call reached me from a few simple words on the back of an awesome print. I love the painting but for me it will always say Best Regards Tad Call..





4 thoughts on “Search and Recovery of Lost Art

  1. I believe I have an original Tad Call piece (oil on canvas) with pencil inscription on back and his name on front. I am not sure who to contact about the piece. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I love how you resonated with the work. When I feel that way about a sculpture, textile, basket, doll, it is a visceral feeling in my gut. Like listening to digideroo music on top of a mountain.

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