” UNLESS WE ” image 2 of 2


Mirror mirror off the wall.
Seduced, sedated, spell cast until the fall.
Shattered slivers slice, skin popping, nodding, head bobbing, carpet crawling not magical at all.
Liquid bubbles melt into the white of a syrup syringe of false momentary euphoria.
I have made myself vulnerable. I have been used.
I have been drug through the dirt like a dog on a chain.
I have been left like a dog without a bone.
Spoon me you devil one last time.
Resurrected from the boulevard of saints and sinners, your visions vanish into the opaque shadows of addiction. Your transparent world melts, fading into a brownish hue of ash grey.
Shattered mirrors, absent rainbows, no color at all, only the taker of your soul the healer of no hole.
Fixin till death, unless we part.
Hope you found a new start.


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