I am an artist, a wood sculptor who uses many traditional methods of wood carving creating a variety of modern fine art sculpture, employing a neoclassic design element. I have also carved hundreds of ornamental pieces for commercial sale.

I am painter who works in mixed mediums.I have exhibited art extensively in the eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania regions. I have shown art in many museums and galleries including the SoHo art district in New York City. I have done several spoken word performances in Soho.

I love Art,  poetry and yea snow.

I am a published writer on the fine arts having published more than eighty art reviews of national and international artists. Warren Tribune Chronicle in the mid 1990’s..

Rodney Douce / artist


16 thoughts on “Rodneyartist

    • I havent shown art for several years….. however I use to show on prince street in soho… thanks for visiting my blog…. in early blogs I wrote a series from my book imitating snowflakes it sorta touches on why I havent shown art…

      • If I search your blog can I find that, or do you have a link or would you like to volunteer why? 🙂 And thanks for the response.

      • yes I wrote a series of blogs on my site ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5″ passages from book 1 through 25 … its in my wordpress blog just click home and scroll down

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