” Enigma Under the Bed “


The protective coated nonstick pan shields the steel from the man.
Like computer monitors dropping dimes, we sometimes wakeup to twisted lives.
Along the freeway of life I slow my car to view an accident like the rubberneckers all in row.
Glancing, coasting by, realizing it was me facedown on the protective coated asphalt land.
Moisture drips from my brow, sizzles as it hits the asphalt frying pan.
Sleepless days and restless nights how did I get to the place where the Salvation Army met Godwill?
Left alone to contemplate computer monitor separates.
Allegations of isolation frying in a nonstick pan.
Enigma under the bed again, it’s just another giant hand rocking the bed in twitter land.


” Guest Artist”


The pastel on black paper you are viewing was done by my son, some twenty years ago. That makes the artist at the time approximately 6 years old.

When I recieved the work it was folded up and shoved inside of his pocket. I immediately pressed it between two heavy books. Later I took it and had it framed. I loved it, still do.

I was running an art salon at the time so I exhibited the piece as my special guest artist.

The work drew considerable attention, so much that an art collector offered to buy it. I never sold the piece even though my son thought I should have.

I still have the drawing hanging in my house today. It has become the eternal Father’s Day card.

So if you do, or you don’t celebrate fathers day, you should still send them your thoughts, your questions,
your rage, or your respect and love.

Because no matter how you feel we all truly only have one father. Good or bad fathers are people too and no one is perfect, even Dad.

Hope you all have a nice day.

passages from ” Imitating Snowflakes 107.5 ”

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Art is a complicated collection of thoughts, moods, expressions and energy, or not.
Art is always or should be combined with skill, academics, passion and lust.
Art is hot like the flames that burn inside of us.
Art is the energy that keeps us going.
Art is an enigma, but no mystery.
Art is danger and rage.
Art is beauty and grace.
Art is love and hate.
Art gives life and takes life.
Art is the essence of life.

its funny this didn’t startout to be a blog site about art?

Well enjoy the words written the stories told the poetic verses and the images of art…..
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“Thanks Mr. Sinchak” a.k.a. ED


He always said ART is the most important thing in the world.
No matter if you believe this or not, the truth is we all interact with art in many forms everyday.
If it were not for creative people and visionaries there would be no paintings to view no photographs to see and no internet to post them on.
So yes as my High School ART teacher always said art is the most important thing in the world.

I Pay Homage to “Mr. Edward Sinchak” a great artist and a great teacher!
Thanks ED

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